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HP 905 ULTRA Installation Guide

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1 Control module

The Control module is the intelligent interface, were the transceivers and transmitters are connected. The control module is then connected to the Bluetooth module were it will be supplied with power.

2 Bluetooth module

The Bluetooth module is connected to the the control module at the cable marked Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module is also connected to 12 V power and ground and will then supply power to the whole system.

3 Transceivers (detector – Jammer unit)

The transceivers is connected to the Control module via port 1 to 4, the transceivers cannot be connected to port 5-6 due to difference in male – female connectors.

4 Transmitters (high power jammer unit)

The transmitters is connected to the control module via port 5 or 6. if the system should work against Dragoneye laser guns, you must always connect at least 1 transmitter and 2 transceivers.

5 Mounting instructions Transceivers and transmitters

It is essential that all transceivers and transmitters have an unobstructed view of the road, they should not be mounted deep in the bodywork of the car. They must be mounted pointing straight ahead. they must be mounted in level to the horizontal plane, and parallel to the road surface in the driving direction. Use the spirit leveler to make sure that the angle is 100 straight and parallel to the road.

6 Installations on different sizes of vehicles

Please go to information about different vehicles size.

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