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Blinder is the inventor of stealth jamming technology, and has been the leading manufacturer on the world market for more than 20 years.

Our newest product, BLINDER HP 905 ULTRA, will be on sale from spring 2024.


BLINDER International are proud to release the HP-905 ULTRA laser defense system. With a new look and new innovative design features, the HP-905 ULTRA is streaks ahead of the competition.

The new sensor is amongst the smallest in the market (Size only: 15 x 41 x 22 MM), and with the new mounting bracket you will be able to perform very discrete installation.

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Our HP 905 ULTRA, and the 905 Compact is connected via Bluetooth to our newly developed Blinder App. The simple and intuitive App will be your daily information platform for information from your jammer system.

The BLINDER APP will let your perform basic settings for your system. Simply pair your phone with the system and you will have a safe drive.

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