Welcome to BLINDER

Welcome to BLINDER. the world’s leading manufacturer of laser defense system, and the inventor of stealth jamming technology.

Maximize Driving Freedom:

Enjoy the freedom to drive confidently without worrying about speed traps or potential fines, giving you more control over your driving experience.

Enhanced Safety:

Increase safety on the road by reducing the likelihood of sudden braking or erratic maneuvers caused by unexpected speed detection, thus minimizing the risk of accidents.

Enhanced safe driving without limits

Since 1998 Blinder has been the leading manufacturer of laser defense systems. The trademark Blinder has for more than 20 years been known for it’s immaculate quality, design and technology. This has during the years but the Blinder name on top of the market.

With the patented stealth jamming technology Blinder was the pioneer in this industry and the first product to be able to detect and jam speed enforcing equipment without showing jamming codes.

Blinder is the exclusive supplier to several OEM brands (Escort & Cobra) who has been using Blinders high end products under their own brand name for many years.

The new sensor is amongst the smallest in the market (Size only: 15 x 41 x 22 MM), and with the new mounting bracket you will be able to perform very discrete installation.

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Introducing the HP 905 ULTRA Blinder ones again set the standard for modern laser defense systems. With a new innovative design, we introduce a smaller, more powerful sensor. Which combined with new technology will provide full protection for vehicles of all sizes, to ensure a safe, privat driving experience.

The HP 905 ULTRA introduces full Bluetooth technology with our BLINDER4U App, which can be downloaded in both Google Play and App Store. By adding Bluetooth technology it is no longer necessary to draw cables into the cabin of the car, which makes installation much easier.

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“Take control of your driving experience like never before with our cutting-edge BLINDER app” Say goodbye to the stress of speeding tickets and laser traps. Our app seamlessly integrates with your Laser defence system device, providing real-time alerts and updates to keep you ahead of the game. With customizable settings and advanced detection algorithms, you’ll enjoy unparalleled protection on the road. Stay one step ahead of law enforcement and drive with confidence knowing that you have the ultimate defense against laser speed detection. Don’t let tickets ruin your day – download our app and drive smarter today!”

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