Size of the sensors is more than 50% smaller than many competitors

High Performance:

The Blinder HP 905 ULTRA offers superior performance with quick response times and long-range detection capabilities, providing ample warning to drivers and allowing them to adjust their speed accordingly.

Upgradeable for up to 6 sensors

The Blinder system is sold in 2 versions 1 with 2 detector/jamming units called transceivers, and 1 with 2 detector/jamming units (transceivers) and 1 extra powerful jamming unit (transmitter) containing 3 high power laser diodes. The triple head system will provide full frontal coverage for vehicles up to Porsche Macan, Audi Q5 size. You can always buy extra Transmitters, and transceivers if you want to increase the power or you wish to add rear protection as well, which makes the Blinder HP 905 ULTRA the most flexibles solution on the market.

FW Updates via Bluetooth

The HP 905 ULTRA from Blinder is the only systems that offers upgrade of firmware and software via the BLINDER4U App. This means that your system will always be updated with latest versions of the Firmware, without having to download anything and uninstall component in order to update via USB.


The user friendly and intuitive app BLINDER4U let’s you perform all settings for your device, when it is installed simply make your preferred configuration and you are good to go. This makes the HP 905 ULTRA the most user friendly and easy to operate system on the market.