Model: HP-905 COMPACT:

HP-905 Anti-Laser Gun System


The HP-905 Compact sensors are super small, 30% smaller (by volume) compared to the smallest competitive product on the market. The HP-905 is powered by extremely powerful laser diodes. This feature alone places the HP-905 in a class of its own. The new sensors fit easily and very discretely into the tightest of grille spacing's and make mounting and vehicle body integration a breeze.

The new HP-905 sensors are many times more powerful than previous models, incorporating both high output laser diodes and high power LED's in one sensor. This hybrid combination eliminates the usual problem with laser diode "grid patterns" which are an unfortunate feature of single laser diode units. What this means to you is a "homogeneous beam" and a higher degree of vehicle "invisibility" to laser based speed guns.

Specifications List:

  • Bandwidth Wavelength: 905 nm/33Mhz
  • Classification: 1M (Eye Safe) Laser
  • Complies With: 21 CFR 1040.10 & 1040.11
  • EC RoHS Compliant: Directive 2002/95/
  • Operational Temp: - 25°C + 80°C / – 13°F + 176°F
  • Power Requirement: 10V – 16V
  • Current Consumption: Max. 150m A (Active) 25mA (Stand By)
  • Sensor Dimensions:
    51 mm (W) x 34 mm (D) 12.7 mm (H)
    2 inch (W) x 1.35 inch (D) 0.50 inch (H)
  • Control Module Dimensions:
    100 mm (W) x 56 mm (D) 28 mm (H)
    3.94 inch (W) x 2.2 inch (D) 1.1 inch (H)
  • Cable Length: 5.2 meter / 17 feet Sensor

Selecting the right number of sensors for your installation is based mainly upon the size of your vehicle. Small vehicles will require a dual sensor kit for frontal protection only. Quad sensor kit best suits larger 4 x 4's or when rear protection is also required.


BLINDER HP-905 Compact

What's in the Box:


The HP-905 comes in various models denoted by the number of sensors. You can purchase a Dual, Triple or Quad system.

  • Two to Four Ultra Compact Laser Sensors (Depending on System)
  • 1 x Control Module With Internal 92 Db Speaker
  • 1 x Four Position Remote Switch / Wiring Kit
    (The HP-905 Compact Dual Sensor Stealth Installation)
  • 1 x USB/PC Firmware Update Cable
  • 1 x Full Installation Kit Including Everything You Will Need To Mount Your System.

Mode Selector Switch:

You will notice a remote selector switch is included in the sytem. If you install the CPU control module up under the dash or under a seat, you will find that the switch makes "OPERATION MODE" changes on the CPU control module possible without exposing the control box to prying eyes.

There are 3 modes of operation capable through the remote cable as shown in the diagram below. The one mode that might need some explanation is the "RECEIVER ONLY MODE". When selected, this mode will alarm when a laser gun or laser speed camera is detected, but will not attempt to communicate with the speed measuring device. Hence, the laser sensors remain in "RECEIVER ONLY MODE" and emit no infrared laser light. In "DRIVING MODE" your HP-905 will engage the sensors and emit invisible laser beams to communicate with the speed measuring device and make your vehicle "invisible."

BLINDER HP-905 Compact laser jammer park assist

Wiring Diagram for HP-905:

How the New BLINDER HP-905 Compact Works

Three Box Sets to Choose From:

BLINDER HP-905 Compact laser jammer park assist



  • State-Of-The-Art Patented Jamming Technology
  • Parking Assist Mode
  • Receive Mode (Detection Mode)
  • Defense Mode (Jamming Mode)
  • Ultra Compact Laser Sensors (World's Smallest)
  • High Power Laser Diode Based Transponders
  • Ultra High Detection Performance
  • Anodized Aluminum Sensor Housing
  • Waterproof Sensor (Rubber Gasket)
  • Easy Stealth Installation
  • CPU remote switch selector cable
  • CPU Jumper Options (Special Settings.)
  • Control Module 4 Sensor Capable
  • Internal Audible Alert (Authentic Voice)
  • Voice & Jamming Software Updateable
  • Personal Setting & Upgradable Firmware
  • The HP-905 Compact has a 2 Year Warranty

Boxed packages available in three versions:

  • Dual Sensor Kit
  • Triple Sensor Kit
  • Quad Sensor Kit

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