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BLINDER HP-905 Compact laser jammer park assist

HP-905 Compact:

BLINDER International are proud to release the HP-905 Compact laser defense system. With a new look and new innovative design features, the HP-905 is streaks ahead of the competition.

Firstly, the new sensors are super small, 30% smaller (by volume) compared to the smallest competitive product on the market. The HP-905 is powered by extremely powerful laser diodes. This feature alone places the HP-905 in a class of its own. The new sensors fit easily into the tightest of grille spacing's and make mounting and vehicle body integration a breeze.

The new HP-905 sensors are many times more powerful than all previous models, incorporating both high output laser diodes and high power LED's in one sensor. This hybrid combination eliminates the usual problem with laser diode "grid patterns" which are an unfortunate feature of single laser diode units. What this means to you is a "homogeneous beam" and a higher degree of vehicle "invisibility" to laser based speed guns.


  • State-Of-The-Art Patented Jamming Technology
  • Parking Assist Mode
  • Receiver Mode (Detection Only)
  • Defense Mode (Jamming Mode)
  • Compact Sensors (World Smallest)
  • High Power Laser Diode Based Sensors with High Output I/R Light Emitting Diodes.
  • Ultra High Detection Performance
  • Anodized Aluminum Sensor Housing
  • Waterproof Sensor (Rubber Gasket)
  • Easy Stealth Installation
  • CPU remote switch selector cable
  • CPU Jumper Options (Special Settings.)
  • Control Module 4 Sensor Capable
  • Internal Audible Alert (Authentic Voice)
  • Voice & Jamming Software Updateable
  • Personal Setting & Upgradable Firmware
  • 2 Year Warranty




What's New:

The HP-905 features a variable audio volume control and new "Real Voice " alerts that identify the type of laser gun or laser speed camera that is aiming at your vehicle. The alarm tones are easier to identify in noisy vehicle interiors.

  • If your like listening to loud music when you drive, you'll appreciate the HP-905 wiring includes a sound system "Audio Mute" wire to automatically reduce your stereo or radio during alarm events.

  • The new sensors feature a new "clip on" mounting bracket which helps keep the dimensions as small as possible. Small locking screws make sure that the unit stays perfectly level when set.

The HP-905 can operate in three separate modes,"Park-Assist", "Detection Only" and "Stealth Jamming" modes.

Free Software Upgrades:

The HP-905 is software upgradable. Using a laptop or desktop computer and the supplied USB cable, the CPU software can be upgraded at no cost to you. All FREE upgrades are available from our Download Section. The whole upgrade process takes less than 5 minutes to complete. No paying for module upgrades or wasting money.

  • No wasted time sending away for module upgrades, and
  • No down time waiting for your CPU to be returned to you.

The HP-905 comes complete with its own USB cable so you can do the software upgrades yourself.

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Download HP-905 Software Upgrades
BLINDER HP-905 Compact laser jammer park assist


Model: HP-905 Compact

When you purchase a HP-905 Compact system, you can be assured of a quality product that has undergone extensive testing against a comprehensive list of laser guns. As with military hardware, there is a continuing counter measures war between laser gun manufactures and counter measures product manufactures.

When you purchase a HP-905 Compact, you can be assured that the process of "Counter Measure" upgrades will NOT cost you a penny more over the purchase price. With some anti-laser products you can expect to be troubled with CPU module changes which will cost you money and down time, not to mentions shipping costs.

HP-905 Compact uses "VOICE ALERTS" which let you know what type of laser gun or laser speed camera are being encountered. New attention grabbing "ALARM" sound with volume control will help you tune your system to noisy environments.


BLINDER HP-905 Compact

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